H-1 visa stamping at Islamabad

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United States
I would like to share my latest H1B visa stamping experience Islambad. My brief background: I came to US first in Aug 2004 on F1 visa with my wife and kid on F2 visas. We visited Pakistan in Jun 2006 while on F1. My H1B status started in Oct 2007. We came to Pakistan in last week of December 2008 and needed to obtain H1B visas to return back to USA. We got our appointment for Jan 9, 2009. VO asked few general questions related to job etc. and examined my original educational documents, letter from my employer, my tax returns and my salary slips. He later gave us a paper saying our visa is subject to additional admininstrative processing that could take upto 2 months or more. I'd been reading on internet that it could take upto several months too so was bit concerned. But alhamdolillah yesterday (Jan 22) we got a call that our passports are ready to be collected from American Express office Lahore. I visited them and collected our passports with visas in them. So I am now believing that may be many people are getting visas fast, but on the forums only those people are posting their comments who have had bad experiences. So I was determined to share my experience with people in my situation so that the positive news should also be available.
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