Frequently Asked Questions - L-2 Visa

Permanent Employment with L-2 Visa with Valid EAD
I am on an L-2 Visa with an EAD valid until June 2014. I am already a contract employee with an MNC (multinational corporation). Can my company extend an offer of permanent employment to me?

You do not currently have the visa to work permanently. But, there is NO PROBLEM with you working on a permanent job on temporary basis.

Change of status from L-2 to H-4
I was on L-2 visa till present. I got my EAD few months back, which expires in April 2013. But I had to Adjust my Status to H-4 as my spouse's visa got changed to H-1.Can I work with my EAD as it has got validity till 2013? Is there any other way that I can work in this country?

H-4 holders can not use the EAD they received while on L-2. If you can, change to H-1.

L-2 visa and EAD processing
I am in USA on L2 visa and I intend to start interviewing/ working immediately. For the EAD application, do I have to apply it before I interview or does the employer apply on my behalf once they make an offer? What are the processing times for EAD? I still haven't got my SSN but have scheduled the appointment for SSN. Should I apply for EAD after the SSN is approved or soon after SSN application?

You should apply (not the employer) for the EAD ASAP. Processing times are on USCIS web site.

L-2 visa application for spouse
I’m applying L2 for my wife. She is working in India and she is coming here on vacation. Do I need to mention her working details while filling L2? Or shall I mention saying that she is not working?

 Tell the truth. I see no reason why you need to worry. An L-2 is permission, not an obligation. She can come and leave as she pleases.

L-2 Visa without EAD
I have come here with my husband who is on L-1 visa. I have L-2 visa. What work opportunities are there if I have no EAD. Second,I have gone to the office to get SSN. But the lady there told me that I don't require that and they refused to give me.What could be the reason I didn't get that. Can I apply for EAD if I don't have SSN? I'm here in US for 6 months. I want to work as I have done my MBA.
Starting business on L-2 visa
I am on L-1 and my wife is L-2 with EAD. Can she do a home based business such as selling things on Ebay etc?

With an EAD, an L-2 can work anywhere including operating their own business and work as many jobs as they like.

Wife work permit
My company is giving me option of taking a L1 visa or H1B. My wife recently completed a 3 year Bachelors degree in Computer application from India. I want to make sure that she can work once we immigrate to US. Can you suggest what approach should we take? 1) Get myself H1 and then she does a MS from US. 2) Get a L1 visa and she can find a job in US with her 3 year degree.

Personally, I prefer the L-2 option for her. She can work AND go to school. More choices.

L2 Visa holder
I am L2 visa holder and a physiotherapist from India. I also have SSN. Do I need to take the EAD or health care worker certificate to work in USA.Or simply credit evaluation and taking the licence is sufficient.

You need complete credentialing including a license.

L2 Status
I came to USA as L2 with my spouse, after leaving my job. Now my parent company is asking me to take up their assignment based at USA. and also asking me to confirm the possibility of starting their office at States. Is these possible? at least working for them is possible. I have my EAD. Can I work and take salary from outside USA firm?

Once you have the EAD you can work for anyone in USA, including a company that is not in USA.

L-2 as dependent turning 21
I have an L-2 dependent visa as a child and I am currently attending US College. However, I am turning 21 in December of 2010, does that mean I will no longer be eligible for an L-2 visa through my father's company? And do I have to change to F-1 status?

Correct. Once you are 21, you cannot be on L-2 status.

Travel Outside The USA When A Case Is Pending
1. I moved from client A to client B in June. My employer filed an amendment for me now. I have my current H-1B till September 2020 when I'm with client A but my visa stamping expired last year. Can I travel while my H-1B amendment is pending? 2. As my visa got expired, I have to get it stamped again. For that, should I have to go for interview again or can I do it by Dropbox? 3. What will be the case if my amendment is still pending. What will be the case If my amendment is approved by then​.

Watch the Video on this FAQ: Travel outside the USA when a case is pending

Video Transcript

1. Yes, you can travel.

2. I don't know the exact local rules, but you have to go for visa stamping.

3. You should not go until the amendment is actually approved. More...


Does H-4 Require a Prior USCIS Approval for Visa Stamping?
My dependents visa stamp on passport expires on Sept 1st 2017 and have valid I-94 till Sept 1st 2017 and this was with the previous employer A I worked for. I moved to a different employer B a year back and haven't filed H4 for dependents with employer B as it was not necessary. Now if my dependents travel to India prior to Sept 1st 2017, do I still need to file for H4 extension or is it good if they attend the interview at consulate in India and get visa stamped on passport without H4 extension using my approved I-797 (till 2019) with employer B.
Is it legal to work for a foreign based company in the USA?
My wife has received her L-2 visa. She plans to continue with her US branch of her India employer once she lands in the US and gets her EAD. However for the period while she is US waiting for her EAD to come in, can she continue to be employed with her employer in India and keep receiving paychecks in India, while technically not working for any US based employer prior to getting her EAD?