Frequently Asked Questions - Investment

EB-5 Investment-Based Green Cards
I am currently on H1-B and my I-140 has been approved. Because of the delay in I-485 Processing, I was thinking of doing my green card through the EB-5 Category with a $500,000.00 Investment through a Regional Center or a New Commercial Enterprise. I had a few questions regarding the following: For EB-5 through Regional Center 1. What is the time frame for Investing the money? Does it vary per Project? 2. What is the general Return of Investment on these Projects? Does it vary per Project? 3. Can we withdraw the Investment earlier if the Project is a failure? 4. How much involvement is necessary/allowed in the management of the Project? 5. When can I start withdrawing the money after I get my Green Card? 6. Is there any agency/firm that evaluates the Regional Centers? For EB-5 Immigrant Investor through New Commercial Enterprise 7. Do the 10 people have to employed immediately or over a period of 2 years? 8. If I employ 10 people and put in 500,000.00 in a start up business in a rural area or highly unemployed area towards the income for the employees, is the money counted towards investment?