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EB1 Extraordinary ability
I filed my EB1 and EB2 NIW together, EB1 was denied but EB2 NIW was approved. I refiled EB1. I am a physician at one of top university , with many publications, presentations and offers from top league universities. There are only 12 people in the whole US that do same thing as I do in my clinical speciality. However I do not have any awards. What are the chances that my second filing of EB1 may go through.

Impossible to answer, Doc. This is like diagnosing a patient without access to the patient or his records. Impossible for me to say. I do not know your case.

Current Immigration/Visa Options for Entrepreneurs
What are the requirements to get a visa and green card as an international entrepreneur? Is the start-up visa effective?
Impact of the new I-140 regulations
My I-140 approved (India/EB2) from Employer A in June 2015, I joined Employer B in Oct 2016. Employer A sent revocation of my I-140, on USCIS website today is showing below status: "On December 7, 2016, we received your correspondence for Form I-140 …" Will I still be eligible for 3 years of multiple H-1 extension with my approved I-140 from employer A without filing new I-140?
Writ of Mandamus against delay
I am currently pending I-485 (EB3, skilled worker employment based, priority date Oct 2008) since April 2014. I submitted inquiries through congressman, they received a letter that my case is on hold indefinitely. Do you recommend filing Writ of Mandamus or would that cause a denial? What other actions can I take, I've submitted a case through the Ombudsman and met with a USCIS officer through Infopass appointment (who told me nothing). No RFEs have been issued for this case, I-140 was approved and fingerprinting done (twice, since first set expired).

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

FAQ Transcript:

Writ is simply order of the court or a formal order.