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EB-1C for Functional Managers - Overseas Team Inclusion
I had few questions on EB1C filing; - I am here in the US from 2015. Prior to that I was working as an Manger for the same firm in India. - I was appointed as a Principal and then promoted as a Solution Manager last year. My role involves tasks during the entire duration of a given project and as part of the project I co-ordinate with the offshore teams assigned on the project for deliverable and to assign other tasks related to the project. 1. As part of EB1C filing is there a mandatory requirement that a manager should be having dedicated team members 2. If 1 is yes then can we consider the offshore team members assigned per project who would be supervised to the level of getting status of tasks, providing clarifications, training them etc. 3. Is there a minimum number of reports required in the US and while I was in India, and if those reports have left the organization is that Ok?