Frequently Asked Questions - VIBE


VIBE is a web-based adjudication tool used by USCIS to validate basic information about companies petitioning to employ alien workers. VIBE uses commercially available data from an independent information provider (IIP) to validate basic information about companies petitioning to employ certain alien workers. Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) is the current IIP for this program.

This service is available to US based, privately held companies only. It is free of charge, and petitioning employers may access this process via D&B’s iUpdate for U.S. government customers -- a free, password-protected and encrypted online service tool offered by D&B.

Please note that USCIS does not expect or require petitioners to contact D&B or pay any fees associated with creating or updating an existing record. Employers who wish to update their information through D&B directly may be subject to direct marketing by the organization or encounter D&B representatives who may suggest a purchase of the firm’s products and services.

Purpose of VIBE:

The purpose behind VIBE is to increase the efficiency of the visa petitioning process by reducing the amount of documents employers have to submit with each petition in order to prove eligibility. Furthermore, USCIS will also be able to reduce the number of RFEs issued to otherwise eligible petitioners.

An important point to note is that USCIS will not deny a petition based solely on information from VIBE without at least first giving the petitioner an opportunity to respond to the RFEs or NOIDs issued by USCIS.

Please note that whether or not you choose to create a record or update your record with D&B, you must respond to any RFE or NOID received from USCIS. Failure to respond could result in the denial of your petition. Furthermore, it is necessary to resolve relevant inconsistencies in the information provided by the employer, on one hand, and information available on VIBE, on the other.

Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE) System
USCIS sent an RFE for my H-1B petition and indicated that they have attempted to validate the company or organization in its Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE) system. What is this?

USCIS has indicated that VIBE allows USCIS to electronically receive commercially available information from an Immigrant Investor Program (IIP), currently Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), about apetitioning company or organization.  This information includes:
•    Business activities, such as type of business (North American IndustryClassification Systemcode), trade payment information, and status (active or inactive)
•    Financial standing, including sales volume and credit standing
•    Number of employees, both on-site and globally